svn commit: r191994 - head/share/man/man5

Warner Losh imp at
Mon May 11 17:05:42 UTC 2009

Author: imp
Date: Mon May 11 17:05:41 2009
New Revision: 191994

  LFS cannot be loaded, compiled, torn, spindled or mutilated in
  FreeBSD: it was deleted around FreeBSD 3.x...


Modified: head/share/man/man5/fstab.5
--- head/share/man/man5/fstab.5	Mon May 11 16:45:53 2009	(r191993)
+++ head/share/man/man5/fstab.5	Mon May 11 17:05:41 2009	(r191994)
@@ -80,8 +80,7 @@ Only the root, /usr, and /tmp file syste
 compiled into the kernel;
 everything else will be automatically loaded at mount
-(Exception: the UFS family - FFS and LFS cannot
-currently be demand-loaded.)
+(Exception: the FFS cannot currently be demand-loaded.)
 Some people still prefer to statically
 compile other file systems as well.

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