svn commit: r191733 - in head/sys: amd64/isa isa

Alexander Motin mav at
Sat May 2 22:07:06 UTC 2009

M. Warner Losh wrote:
> : Author: mav
> : Date: Fri May  1 21:43:04 2009
> : New Revision: 191733
> : URL:
> : 
> : Log:
> :   Add resume methods to i8254 and atrtc devices.
> This likely obviates the need for pmtimer.c now.  You might want to
> investigate...

Yes, I have seen it.

> : Modified:
> :   head/sys/amd64/isa/clock.c
> :   head/sys/isa/atrtc.c
> Shouldn't there be one for i386 too?

For i386 it is done by pmtimer now (that's why I haven't done it there), 
but there is no pmtimer driver for amd64. Actually both ways are not so 
perfect, as both restore timer interrupts quite late on resume process. 
In my case it is not fatal as i8254 is anyway ticking by default, just 
slower. But it seems to increase my system resume time to 10 seconds 
instead of usual 4-5. May be we should somehow enforce order of device 
resuming, or build some special event timers control infrastructure 
alike to PIC one.

Also, except restoring clocks interrupts, pmtimer restores system time 
on wakeup. For amd64 it is implemented in MD resume code now. We should 
decide which way to go. I don't very like pmtimer approach, as there is 
no any newbus relations between it and i8254/atrtc drivers.

Alexander Motin

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