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Ulrich Spörlein uqs at
Tue Jun 30 20:13:45 UTC 2009

On Tue, 30.06.2009 at 09:46:32 -0600, M. Warner Losh wrote:
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>             Robert Watson <rwatson at> writes:
> : On Tue, 30 Jun 2009, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> : 
> : > Last time this BBQ came up, I thought it was agreed that there would be a 
> : > xterm-XXX that didn't do this behavior for those folks that think the 
> : > current behavior is harmfully wrong...
> : 
> : Whereas I think it's a bug in more(1)/less(1) that it tries to use those 
> : sequences...
> Agreed.  vi too.  I'll note that on Mac OS, in the xterm, you don't
> see this with either...  But I don't know how to undo tic(1)
> formatting to get back to the raw xterm entries...

For vim(1) you can use something like set t_ti= t_te=

Btw, I do like the current behaviour, but if $PAGER can be coerced into
not clearing screen after exit, I think more people could be persuaded.

Ulrich Spörlein

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