svn commit: r194989 - head/sys/sys

John Baldwin jhb at
Thu Jun 25 18:44:06 UTC 2009

Author: jhb
Date: Thu Jun 25 18:44:05 2009
New Revision: 194989

  Remove the d_spare2_t typedef.  The d_spare2 field was replaced by
  d_mmap_single().  I considered adding a new round of padding for 8.0.
  However, since cdevsw already maintains a version field, new versions
  can be handled without requiring the need for explicit padding fields.


Modified: head/sys/sys/conf.h
--- head/sys/sys/conf.h	Thu Jun 25 18:40:27 2009	(r194988)
+++ head/sys/sys/conf.h	Thu Jun 25 18:44:05 2009	(r194989)
@@ -141,8 +141,6 @@ typedef int d_mmap_single_t(struct cdev 
     vm_size_t size, struct vm_object **object, int nprot);
 typedef void d_purge_t(struct cdev *dev);
-typedef int d_spare2_t(struct cdev *dev);
 typedef int dumper_t(
 	void *_priv,		/* Private to the driver. */
 	void *_virtual,		/* Virtual (mapped) address. */

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