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Ed Schouten ed at
Tue Jun 23 07:53:53 UTC 2009


* Rong-En Fan <rafan at FreeBSD.ORG> wrote:
> There is a --with-fallbacks in ncurses, let me check if we can use that.
> We don't really use the termcap/terminfo entries from ncurses, but
> instead we have our own version. So, not sure if we should provide a 
> small /etc/termcap.small or we should use the entries from ncurses.

I've noticed the xterm entry we have in FreeBSD is somewhat inconsistent
with the one from other operating systems. For example: I've noticed
that we use erase-line to fill a line with a certain color, but this
breaks on OS X, because uses the default attributes while
performing erase-line, instead of the current attributes.

Is this a known issue?

 Ed Schouten <ed at>
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