svn commit: r194380 - head/tools/tools/nanobsd/gateworks

Sam Leffler sam at
Wed Jun 17 17:59:37 UTC 2009

Author: sam
Date: Wed Jun 17 17:59:36 2009
New Revision: 194380

  update usb config; the old stack is gone


Modified: head/tools/tools/nanobsd/gateworks/G2358
--- head/tools/tools/nanobsd/gateworks/G2358	Wed Jun 17 17:58:18 2009	(r194379)
+++ head/tools/tools/nanobsd/gateworks/G2358	Wed Jun 17 17:59:36 2009	(r194380)
@@ -113,16 +113,17 @@ options		AH_SUPPORT_AR5416
 #device		cryptodev
 #device		hifn		# NB: Soekris minipci card known to work
-# NB: must use old usb stack; new one does not work
-makeoptions	WITH_LEGACY	# NB: required to get includes
-device		ousb
-#options		USB_DEBUG
-device		oohci
-device		oehci
-device		ougen
+# NB: 2 USB 2.0 ports standard
+device		usb
+options 	USB_EHCI_BIG_ENDIAN_DESC	# handle big-endian byte order
+#options 	USB_DEBUG
+device		ehci
+device		umass
+device		scbus		# SCSI bus (required for SCSI)
+device		da		# Direct Access (disks)
-device		oaxe
+#device		ural
+#device		zyd
+#device		wlan_amrr
-device		umass
-device		scbus           # SCSI bus (required for SCSI)
-device		da              # Direct Access (disks)
+device		axe

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