svn commit: r194240 - head/lib/libutil

Bruce Evans brde at
Mon Jun 15 22:31:34 UTC 2009

On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, John Baldwin wrote:

> Log:
>  Note that the structures are defined in <sys/user.h> in the text (using
>  language from stat(2)) rather than in the synopsis.
>  Requested by:	bde


Copying stat(2) is good.  I also like having single context-sensitive
references in the man page text and no duplication of these references in
the SEE ALSO section.  It is worse than useless to give a general reference
to an enormous man page when you have already described (hopefully
completely) the small part of the man page that applies in context.
user.h and struct kinfo_file are too large to describe completely here,
but there is no man page specifically for them anyway.  I can't find even
a non-specific man page for them (appropos says nothing).  So I would
just use the source for them.


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