svn commit: r193368 - head/lib/msun/src

David Schultz das at FreeBSD.ORG
Tue Jun 9 17:55:37 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jun 03, 2009, Ed Schouten wrote:
> Author: ed
> Date: Wed Jun  3 08:16:34 2009
> New Revision: 193368
> URL:
> Log:
>   Use ISO C99 style inline semantics in msun.
>   Because we use ISO C99 nowadays, we can just get rid of enforcing
>   GNU89-style inlining.

Thanks.  I was holding off on this until the 8.0 branch because
C99 inlines require patches to gcc (available in HEAD sources
after 3/14/2009).  IIRC, msun gets compiled before gcc, so this
might break things for people upgrading from 7.X or earlier
8-CURRENT sources.

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