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Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Mon Jun 8 10:55:33 UTC 2009

Quoting Edwin Groothuis <edwin at> (from Mon, 8 Jun 2009  
05:33:09 +0000 (UTC)):

> Author: edwin
> Date: Mon Jun  8 05:33:08 2009
> New Revision: 193688
> URL:
> Log:
>   [patch] [locale] German locales use old %d.%m.%y date format  
> instead of newer ISO date
>   From the submitter:
>       DIN 5008 (German norm for text processing) defines the old date
>       format (%d.%m.%Y) to be obsolete and to be used only, if unambigous.
>       In international communications the new format (%Y-%m-%d) is now
>       required and FreeBSD should respect this.

What does this mean? Does 'date' with the de_DE locate print out Y-m-d  
instead of d.m.Y now? This would look strange to me, as this is not  
used in normal daily communications. The government sends letters with  
dates in d.m.Y, newspapers have d.m.Y, and the daily news in the TV  
also display d.m.Y.

The text above specifies that this seems to be intended for  
international communications. When I set de_DE in my locale for my  
user, this is not international communication, it's more like "I want  
to see text/dates in my local language/conventions".

As the PR is from 2004, and we have 2009 now, I'm not sure if this  
change is correct. I haven't read the corresponding standards/documents.

>   PR:		conf/72076
>   Submitted by:	Peter Wullinger <some-mail-drop at>
>   MFC after:	1 week

I think you should not MFC this so fast. It may be better to discuss  
this with our German doc people (docs@ CCed), maybe this needs to be  
backed out.


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