svn commit: r193464 - head/games/fortune/datfiles

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Thu Jun 4 21:55:09 UTC 2009

Author: edwin
Date: Thu Jun  4 21:55:07 2009
New Revision: 193464

  [patch] fortune(6): file not Y2.01K compliant
  Update the time in the fortune to make the joke a little bit more
  realistic again: Bump year from 2009 to 2039.
  PR:		conf/129860
  Submitted by:	Alan Amesbury <amesbury at>
  MFC after:	2 days


Modified: head/games/fortune/datfiles/fortunes-o.real
--- head/games/fortune/datfiles/fortunes-o.real	Thu Jun  4 21:48:17 2009	(r193463)
+++ head/games/fortune/datfiles/fortunes-o.real	Thu Jun  4 21:55:07 2009	(r193464)
@@ -4242,7 +4242,7 @@ Apple owners do it with mice!
 	The reference of last resort when trying to duck undesired
 	invitations ("Gee, the soonest I can pencil you in is
-	December, 2009"), or when trying to figure out what the hell
+	December, 2039"), or when trying to figure out what the hell
 	it was you did during the past year.
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