svn commit: r193355 - head/sys/security/mac

Robert Watson rwatson at
Tue Jun 2 22:22:11 UTC 2009

Author: rwatson
Date: Tue Jun  2 22:22:09 2009
New Revision: 193355

  Mark MAC Framework sx and rm locks as NOWITNESS to suppress warnings that
  might arise from WITNESS not understanding its locking protocol, which
  should be deadlock-free.  Currently these warnings generally don't occur,
  but as object locking is pushed into policies for some object types, they
  would otherwise occur more often.
  Obtained from:	TrustedBSD Project


Modified: head/sys/security/mac/mac_framework.c
--- head/sys/security/mac/mac_framework.c	Tue Jun  2 22:15:47 2009	(r193354)
+++ head/sys/security/mac/mac_framework.c	Tue Jun  2 22:22:09 2009	(r193355)
@@ -290,8 +290,8 @@ mac_init(void)
 #ifndef MAC_STATIC
-	rm_init(&mac_policy_rm, "mac_policy_rm");
-	sx_init(&mac_policy_sx, "mac_policy_sx");
+	rm_init_flags(&mac_policy_rm, "mac_policy_rm", RM_NOWITNESS);
+	sx_init_flags(&mac_policy_sx, "mac_policy_sx", SX_NOWITNESS);

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