svn commit: r193199 - head/etc

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Jun 2 19:22:32 UTC 2009

John Baldwin wrote:
> I think more specifically, if you don't set 'ifconfig_<if>' to "DHCP", then 
> when you plug a <if> device in, nothing happens. 

That's actually not correct, as devd will try to dhcp an interface as
soon as it comes up.

> DHCP is opt-in, not 
> opt-out.  The only reason one would want to limit network_interfaces is if 
> you wanted to have an ifconfig_foo0 line in /etc/rc.conf but not have foo0 
> configured automatically. 

I've already said several times that I want to run through my own list
of interfaces, configure the first one that comes up, and then stop.
There is no support for that currently. Others have also chimed in
with things that they do with the existing feature as well.

> Unless someone has a real usage case that NOAUTO, etc. doesn't cover, I think 
> this commit should be reverted.

I think that the burden of proof rests on those that want to eliminate
existing functionality.


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