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Brooks Davis brooks at
Tue Jun 2 16:50:10 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jun 02, 2009 at 04:45:31PM +0100, Bruce Simpson wrote:
> Brooks Davis wrote:
>> ...
>>> On boot time I instantiate a tap0 instance from cloned_interfaces=".." in 
>>> /etc/rc.conf, and then use ifconfig_tap0="..." to clone the MAC address 
>>> on the tap instance from the internal Ethernet port, as there is no other 
>>> way of uniquely identifying the client for an automated bootstrap.
>>> This happens from within a flash image.
>> I see nothing related to network_interfaces here...
> I did explicitly name them there, so there would be no automated DHCP setup 
> of any interfaces, even if hot-plugged. Perhaps I am thinking of 
> cloned_interfaces=""...

cloned_interfaces is different and will definiterly remain since you've
got to create them some how.  They get created early and thus end up on
the list.  Also, there's no need to worry about hot plugged interfaces
getting margically configured to do dhcp.  For the system to do
something with an interface they following must be true:

 - It makes it in to the list of interfaces some how
 - It actually exists or is create early in the process via
   cloned_interfaces, gif_interfaces, etc
 - The ifconfig_<if> variable is set (I think i can be "", but "up" is
   alwasy a good choice if you just want a stub.
 - The ifconfig_<if> variable must not contain the NOAUTO keyword.

If all of those things are true, the interface will be configured at
startup or on insert.  Otherwise, it won't be.

-- Brooks
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