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Sun Dec 20 04:51:17 UTC 2009


>>>>> On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 01:34:12 +0000 (UTC)
>>>>> Doug Barton <dougb at> said:

dougb> Author: dougb
dougb> Date: Sun Dec 20 01:34:12 2009
dougb> New Revision: 200743
dougb> URL:

dougb> Log:
dougb>   The service command is an easy interface to the rc.d system.
dougb>   Its primary purpose is to start and stop services provided by
dougb>   the rc.d scripts, however it can also be used to list the scripts
dougb>   using various criteria.

dougb> Added:
dougb>   head/usr.sbin/service/
dougb>   head/usr.sbin/service/Makefile   (contents, props changed)
dougb>   head/usr.sbin/service/service.8   (contents, props changed)
dougb>   head/usr.sbin/service/   (contents, props changed)
dougb> Modified:
dougb>   head/usr.sbin/Makefile

I believe this addition is useful.  I'm using similar script locally.
However, we should consider the environment variables and the current
directory, IMO.  Could you include the attached patch?

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