svn commit: r196506 - in head/sys: kern sys

Bruce Evans brde at
Mon Aug 24 12:09:12 UTC 2009

On Mon, 24 Aug 2009, Ed Schouten wrote:

> Log:
>  Allow multiple console devices per driver without insane code duplication.
>  Say, a driver wants to have multiple console devices to pick from, you
>  would normally write down something like this:
>  Unfortunately, this means that you have to declare 10 cn routines,
>  instead of 5. It also isn't possible to initialize cn_arg on beforehand.
>  I noticed this restriction when I was implementing some of the console
>  bits for my vt(4) driver in my newcons branch. I have a single set of cn
>  routines (termcn_*) which are shared by all vt(4) console devices.
>  In order to solve this, I'm adding a separate consdev_ops structure,
>  which contains all the function pointers. This structure is referenced
>  through consdev's cn_ops field.
>  While there, I'm removing CONS_DRIVER() and cn_checkc, which have been
>  deprecated for years. They weren't used throughout the source, until the
>  Xen console driver showed up. CONSOLE_DRIVER() has been changed to do
>  the right thing. It now declares both the consdev and consdev_ops
>  structure and ties them together. In other words: this change doesn't
>  change the KPI for drivers that used the regular way of declaring
>  console devices.

CONS_DRIVER() was a good interface, unlike CONSOLE_DRIVER().  Removing it
completes the bitrot in the support for cn_dbctl, and completes removal
of cn_checkc's good name at the driver level.

cn_dbctl is still needed to unbreak sysctl's support for ddb (see db_main.c, which depends on cn_dbctl's infrastructure not having rotted) and
can be used to unbreak polled i/o in all console drivers (not just in ddb
mode -- it should have been named cn_ioctl) (see other mail).

The higher level cngetc() and cncheckc() are still correctly named, now
fully inconsistently with the driver level.


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