svn commit: r196380 - head/sys/dev/usb

Rafal Jaworowski raj at
Wed Aug 19 16:04:24 UTC 2009

On 2009-08-19, at 17:48, Sam Leffler wrote:

>>> Is this different from the patch I tested on Gateworks 2358 boards  
>>> which didn't completely resolve problems?
>> Hm, not sure what patch you have tested with GW. There was an  
>> initial workaround for this problem from late June time frame, and  
>> this commit is a refined fix identical to the patch posted 05 Aug  
>> to arm at . There were other ARM patches in the meantime involving  
>> cache sync, but they were pmap-related.
> I'm pretty sure it's the same one and was combined with other  
> changes you describe.  Unfortunately reproducing the problem  
> requires an out-of-tree driver so we can't be sure whether all  
> issues are resolved on the platform.

There could still be other issues with the USB stack: we are observing  
instabilities on some PowerPC machine and EHCI controller, but I don't  
have a detailed scenario yet. The cache sync routines from this commit  
were clearly wrong and the fix helps for failing scenarios we were  
observing on ARM, although in your case it's difficult to say without  


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