svn commit: r196213 - head/usr.sbin/sysinstall

Colin Percival cperciva at
Fri Aug 14 13:34:07 UTC 2009

Scott Long wrote:
> Colin Percival wrote:
>> Log:
>>   Make sysinstall recognize /dev/ada* disk devices.  The description
>> string
>>   "SATA disk device" reflects the current state of /dev/ada*; this may be
>>   changed in the future if other drive types start appearing as
>> /dev/ada*.
>>   Submitted by:    randi
>>   Details about what disks can appear as /dev/ada* supplied by: scottl
>>   Approved by:    re (rwatson)
> Note that there's still a possibility that 'ada' will go away in the
> future.

Oops.  Quite right, I intended to mention both the possibility of more devices
appearing as /dev/ada* and also the possibility of fewer devices appearing as
/dev/ada*, but I forgot about the second half of that when I sat down to write
the commit log.

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