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Fri Aug 14 10:20:34 UTC 2009

On Thu, 13 Aug 2009, Scott Long wrote:

> Author: scottl
> Date: Thu Aug 13 23:18:45 2009
> New Revision: 196200
> URL:
> Log:
>  ntroduce mfiutil, a basic utility for managing LSI SAS-RAID & Dell PERC5/6
>  controllers.  Controller, array, and drive status can be checked, basic
>  attributes can be changed, and arrays and spares can be created and deleted.
>  Controller firmware can also be flashed.
>  This does not replace MegaCLI, found in ports, as that is officially sanctioned
>  and supported by LSI and includes vastly more functionality.  However, mfiutil
>  is open source and guaranteed to provide basic functionality, which can be
>  especially useful if you have a problem and can't get MegaCLI to work.
>  Approved by:    re
>  Obtained from:  Yahoo! Inc.

as you noticed already it breaks here on 32bit platforms:

/src/usr.sbin/mfiutil/mfi_drive.c: In function 'mfi_lookup_drive':
/src/usr.sbin/mfiutil/mfi_drive.c:120: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned

         struct mfi_pd_list {
                 uint32_t                size;
                 uint32_t                count;
                 struct mfi_pd_address   addr[0];
         } __packed;

        long val;
        struct mfi_pd_list *list

   120  for (val = 0; val < list->count; val++) {

long vs uint32_t.

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