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Wed Aug 12 21:45:50 UTC 2009

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Hi, Stanislav,

Stanislav Sedov wrote:
> On Thu, 06 Aug 2009 11:07:32 -0500
> Tom Judge <tom at> mentioned:
>> I can confirm that we are also seeing this problem on a number of Dell 
>> PE2950 systems running the bce driver from 7.2, the bug is more 
>> visible/producible on systems that are using Jumbo Frames (in our case 8Kb).
>> The symptoms of this are an increase in the requests for jumbo clusters 
>> denied counter at 9k, and then random network stalls which sometimes 
>> recover on there own and others require a reboot.
>> We have backed this change and so far it seems to have fixed the issue.
> David,
> are you OK with reverting this patch?  I submitted the patch to re@ for
> review, and I can commit it if you don't mind doing so. :-)

I think there was some motivation supporting the SPLIT_HEADER disable in
the past (IIRC it was for reliability or data corruption), but I think I
have lost the mail archive (at least I couldn't find it at this moment
:-/  I'm not very sure if that was fixed by my busdma_sync fix, though,
can anyone confirm that?

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