svn commit: r195960 - in head/sys/dev/usb: . controller input

M. Warner Losh imp at
Mon Aug 3 20:48:23 UTC 2009

In message: <8663d463d7.fsf at>
            Dag-Erling_Smørgrav <des at> writes:
: Sam Leffler <sam at> writes:
: > I think we are losing sight of the goal here.  We are in a release
: > schedule and trying to find a minimal set of changes that resolves our
: > immediate need.  Keyboard repeat is not required and unless there is
: > an obvious and immediate solution it should be considered AFTER the
: > release.  Remember we are already behind schedule for 8.0.
: Hear, hear.

Does the patch that Hans posted fit the bill?  To my eye I think it
does, but I've not tested to see if it works...


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