socsvn commit: r287742 - soc2015/roam/ng_ayiya

roam at roam at
Mon Jun 29 19:47:42 UTC 2015

Author: roam
Date: Mon Jun 29 19:47:41 2015
New Revision: 287742

  Document data packets through the control hook.
  Add a note about the concept of forwarding all AYIYA packets that
  do not contain IPv6 forwarded data down the control hook, and
  signing and sending out all data packets coming in through the hook.
  ObQuote:	"I read the news today, oh boy"


Modified: soc2015/roam/ng_ayiya/ng_ayiya.4
--- soc2015/roam/ng_ayiya/ng_ayiya.4	Mon Jun 29 19:47:37 2015	(r287741)
+++ soc2015/roam/ng_ayiya/ng_ayiya.4	Mon Jun 29 19:47:41 2015	(r287742)
@@ -160,7 +160,27 @@
 for the administrator's convenience; any text after the slash is
 .It Va control
-Control messages only, any data packets are ignored.
+A hook used by userland programs to initialize and control the
+tunnel's operation.
+This hook is a suitable avenue for sending control messages to the
+.Nm ayiya
+node during its configuration.
+It also serves another purpose: all packets that arrive from the
+peer and are not IPv6 forwarded data packets (opcode 1) are sent
+as data packets down the
+.Nm ayiya
+.Va control
+hook for the userland program to process.
+Similarly, all data packets coming in via the
+.Va control
+hook are signed with the
+tunnel's secret hash and sent to the
 .It Va inet6
 The local IPv6 interface, a
 .Xr ng_iface 4

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