socsvn commit: r287680 - soc2015/roam/ng_ayiya

roam at roam at
Sun Jun 28 01:39:23 UTC 2015

Author: roam
Date: Sun Jun 28 01:39:21 2015
New Revision: 287680

  scaffold: bind to the "IPv4 Endpoint" if possible.
  For testing purposes only, if the tic-tunnels.txt file has
  an "IPv4 Endpoint" value that looks like an IPv4 address,
  use that value to bind the local UDP ksocket to.
  This does not break compatibility with the actual SixXS TIC
  tunnel definitions since the TIC servers return "ayiya" as
  the "IPv4 Endpoint" value, so this path will never be chosen.
  However, it allows one to build custom tunnels between two
  hosts under one's control.
  ObQuote:	"Here I am, here I remain"


Modified: soc2015/roam/ng_ayiya/
--- soc2015/roam/ng_ayiya/	Sun Jun 28 01:39:16 2015	(r287679)
+++ soc2015/roam/ng_ayiya/	Sun Jun 28 01:39:21 2015	(r287680)
@@ -519,6 +519,10 @@
 	if (!defined $c || $c->{hooks}->{ayiya}->{name} ne $pname) {
 		die "Could not query the newly-created ng_ksocket node\n";
+	if (!defined $localaddr && defined $t->ipv4_local &&
+	    $t->ipv4_local =~ /^\d+(\.\d+)+$/) {
+		$localaddr = $t->ipv4_local;
+	}
 	if (defined $localaddr) {
 		ngctl 'msg', "$pname:", 'bind', "inet/$localaddr:5072";

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