socsvn commit: r255367 - soc2013/jmuniz

jmuniz at jmuniz at
Tue Jul 30 22:37:07 UTC 2013

Author: jmuniz
Date: Tue Jul 30 22:37:07 2013
New Revision: 255367

  Changes to BUGS. The tray icon issue is resolved for gnome-packagekit. Added detail to other front end bugs.


Modified: soc2013/jmuniz/BUGS
--- soc2013/jmuniz/BUGS	Tue Jul 30 21:35:02 2013	(r255366)
+++ soc2013/jmuniz/BUGS	Tue Jul 30 22:37:07 2013	(r255367)
@@ -12,12 +12,9 @@
-+ gpk-update-icon
--- (13180) DBus warning, error sending message; did not receive a reply. Tray icon can never launch.
-+ gpk-application
--- icons for categories move to the right if application is opened more than once
+- the groups treelist in gpk-application doesn't fill the width of it's parent container, offsetting the icon column (minor bug)
-- crashes when clicking on category in list box
-- description glitches when rising after being hidden
+- crashes when clicking on category in AppRm 
+- description panel in AddRm glitches when performing the rising animation; the animation for the description panel in Updater works fine, and uses much of the same code so it is a helpful resource. They differ in the way they handle opacity, and the answer is probably there.

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