socsvn commit: r255296 - soc2013/jmuniz

jmuniz at jmuniz at
Mon Jul 29 12:52:05 UTC 2013

Author: jmuniz
Date: Mon Jul 29 12:52:04 2013
New Revision: 255296

  Created BUGS file to contain a list of known bugs for the repository, sorted by area affected. I have populated the file with a list that had previously existed on paper.


Added: soc2013/jmuniz/BUGS
--- /dev/null	00:00:00 1970	(empty, because file is newly added)
+++ soc2013/jmuniz/BUGS	Mon Jul 29 12:52:04 2013	(r255296)
@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
+Bugs in this Repository
+- download
+- remove
+- get-depends
+- add dependency check for (symlink for now)
++ bugs that may already be resolved (test once possible)
+-- may have trouble queuing multiple transactions
+-- may crash when no file list is available for a given package 
+- help functionality requires yelp to be properly installed (certain shared library versions)
++ gpk-update-icon
+-- (13180) DBus warning, error sending message; did not receive a reply
+-- crashes before ever showing the tray icon
+-- make sure this is set to start at boot (if user prefers)
++ gpk-application
+-- no icon in application launcher (perhaps related to a .desktop file)
+-+ non-critical
+--- icons for categories move to the right if application is opened more than once
+- crashes when clicking on category in list box
+- crashes when clicking "pending changes"
++ non-critical
+-- warning: session DBus connection created before QCoreApplication
+-- description glitches when rising after being hidden
+- does not build with Qt-4.8

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