svn commit: r455193 - svnadmin/hooks/scripts

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Thu Nov 30 10:54:06 UTC 2017

Author: mat
Date: Thu Nov 30 10:54:04 2017
New Revision: 455193

  Temorarly ban python changes.
  With hat:	portmgr
  Sponsored by:	Absolight


Modified: svnadmin/hooks/scripts/
--- svnadmin/hooks/scripts/	Thu Nov 30 10:51:34 2017	(r455192)
+++ svnadmin/hooks/scripts/	Thu Nov 30 10:54:04 2017	(r455193)
@@ -16,14 +16,17 @@ fi
 # Approved by portmgr gets a free pass
 $SVNLOOK log -t "$TXN" "$REPO" | grep -q 'portmgr' && exit 0
+# Look for python ports.
+if $SVNLOOK changed -t "$TXN" "$REPO" | grep -q -E '^.*/py-'; then
+  echo "Temorary ban on committing to py- ports while the final touch to" >&2
+  echo "the Python FLAVORS is being worked on and tested." >&2
+  exit 1
 # Look for new py3 ports
 if $SVNLOOK changed -t "$TXN" "$REPO" | grep -q -E '^A.*/py3'; then
-  echo "Please do not add new py3 slave ports at this time.  FLAVORS" >&2
-  echo "support is coming soon which will remove the need for these kind of" >&2
-  echo "slave ports.  Having new ones come in slows down development for" >&2
-  echo "FLAVORS support." >&2
-  echo "It also confuses users if a new slave is added and then is" >&2
-  echo "suddenly gone in a few weeks due to FLAVORS replacing it." >&2
+  echo "Adding new py3- ports is forbidden." >&2
+  echo "The Python ports have flavors and do not need the py3- ports." >&2
   exit 1

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