svn commit: r434048 - svnadmin/conf

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Feb 13 19:33:12 UTC 2017

Author: matthew
Date: Mon Feb 13 19:33:11 2017
New Revision: 434048

  Release lifanov from mentorship.  He's been doing great work, and I
  have every confidence he will continue to do so.


Modified: svnadmin/conf/mentors
--- svnadmin/conf/mentors	Mon Feb 13 19:27:17 2017	(r434047)
+++ svnadmin/conf/mentors	Mon Feb 13 19:33:11 2017	(r434048)
@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ jrm		swills		Co-mentor: amdmi3
 kami		cs		Co-mentor: koobs
 krion		fjoe		Co-mentor: mat
 ler		adamw		Co-mentor: rene
-lifanov		matthew
 misha		jpaetzel	Co-mentor: wg
 rezny		swills		Co-mentor: feld
 rpaulo		bapt		Co-mentor: swills

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