svn commit: r409830 - svnadmin/conf

Mark Felder feld at
Mon Feb 29 22:36:05 UTC 2016

Author: feld
Date: Mon Feb 29 22:36:04 2016
New Revision: 409830

  Add brnrd to mentors
  Bernard was never added to mentors in svn, but was added to
  As of 6/6/2015 the mentors were vsevolod and koobs. vsevolod stepped
  down due to ENOTIME. feld was added as a mentor on 24/12/2015.
  Adding this entry to clarify the situation.


Modified: svnadmin/conf/mentors
--- svnadmin/conf/mentors	Mon Feb 29 21:43:14 2016	(r409829)
+++ svnadmin/conf/mentors	Mon Feb 29 22:36:04 2016	(r409830)
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
 # Mentee	Mentor		Optional comment
 alexey		wg
 alonso		rakuco		Co-mentor: makc
+brnrd		feld		Co-mentor: koobs
 brd		bdrewery	Co-mentor: zi, swills
 cpm		junovitch	Co-mentor: amdmi3, feld
 farrokhi	philip		Co-mentor: bapt, mat

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