svn commit: r304964 - head/Mk

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at
Thu Sep 27 14:43:50 UTC 2012

Author: danfe
Date: Thu Sep 27 14:43:49 2012
New Revision: 304964

  - Add Firebird (Interbase) database option description
  - Rephrase other SQL databases texts: "backend" seems overly specific, thus
    prefer more generic "support" (also in line with most of the others)
  - Add VIDEO option (complementary to existing SOUND one)
  - As usual, expand couple of other knobs I've noticed could be improved


Modified: head/Mk/
--- head/Mk/	Thu Sep 27 14:16:26 2012	(r304963)
+++ head/Mk/	Thu Sep 27 14:43:49 2012	(r304964)
@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ FASTCGI_DESC?=		FastCGI support
 FFMPEG_DESC?=		FFmpeg support (WMA, AIFF, AC3, APE...)
 FFTW_DESC?=		Discrete Fourier Transform support
 FINGER_DESC?=		Finger support
+FIREBIRD_DESC?=		Firebird (Interbase) database support
 FLAC_DESC?=		FLAC lossless audio codec support
 FLICKR_DESC?=		Flickr support via flickcurl
 FONTCONFIG_DESC?=	X11 font configuration support
@@ -199,11 +200,11 @@ MPG123_DESC?=		MP3 decoding support via 
 MPLAYER_DESC?=		MPlayer media player support
 MPLS_DESC?=		MPLS support
 MPP_DESC?=		Musepack audio format support
-MSQL_DESC?=		mSQL backend
+MSQL_DESC?=		mSQL database support
 MTP_DESC?=		MTP device support
 MULTIBYTE_DESC?=	Multibyte character encoding support
 MUSEPACK_DESC?=		MPC audio format support
-MYSQL_DESC?=		MySQL backend
+MYSQL_DESC?=		MySQL database support
 MYSQL_JDBC_DESC?=	JDBC connection to MySQL databases
 NAS_DESC?=		Network Audio System support
 NETCDF_DESC?=		NetCDF data format support
@@ -235,7 +236,7 @@ PCRE_DESC?=		Use Perl Compatible Regular
 PDF_DESC?=		PDF document support
 PERL_DESC?=		Perl scripting language support
 PGO_DESC?=		Use Profile-Guided Optimization
-PGSQL_DESC?=		PostgreSQL backend
+PGSQL_DESC?=		PostgreSQL database support
 PGSQL_JDBC_DESC?=	JDBC connection to PostgreSQL databases
 PHP_DESC?=		PHP binding/support
 PIXBUF_DESC?=		GDK-PixBuf library support
@@ -270,24 +271,24 @@ SMB_DESC?=		SMB protocol support
 SNAPPY_DESC?=		Snappy compression library support
 SNDFILE_DESC?=		libsndfile support
 SNMP_DESC?=		SNMP protocol support
-SOUND_DESC?=		Sound support
+SOUND_DESC?=		Sound (audio) support
 SPANDSP_DESC?=		Spandsp faxing support
 SPEEX_DESC?=		Speex audio format support
-SQL_DESC?=		SQL database backend
-SQLITE_DESC?=		SQLite backend
-SQLITE3_DESC?=		SQLite3 backend
+SQL_DESC?=		SQL database support
+SQLITE_DESC?=		SQLite database support
+SQLITE3_DESC?=		SQLite3 database support
 SSE_DESC?=		Use SSE optimized routines
 SSH_DESC?=		SSH protocol support
 SSL_DESC?=		SSL protocol support
-STATIC_DESC?=		Build static executable/libraries
-SVG_DESC?=		SVG image format support
+STATIC_DESC?=		Build static executables/libraries
+SVG_DESC?=		SVG vector image format support
 SVGALIB_DESC?=		SVGA graphics support
 SVN_DESC?=		Subversion support
 SWFDEC_DESC?=		Flash support via Swfdec
 SZIP_DESC?=		Szip compression support
 TCL_DESC?=		Tcl scripting language support
 TCLTK_DESC?=		Tcl/Tk toolkit support
-THEORA_DESC?=		Ogg Theora support
+THEORA_DESC?=		Ogg Theora video codec support
 THREADS_DESC?=		Threading support
 TIDY_DESC?=		Tidy HTML cleaner support
 TIFF_DESC?=		TIFF image format support
@@ -307,6 +308,7 @@ UPNP_DESC?=		UPnP support
 UTF8_DESC?=		Unicode UTF-8 encoding support
 VAAPI_DESC?=		VAAPI (GPU video acceleration) support
 VDPAU_DESC?=		VDPAU (GPU video acceleration) support
+VIDEO_DESC?=		Video support
 VO_AACENC_DESC?=	AAC audio encoding via vo-aacenc
 VO_AMRWBENC_DESC?=	AMR Wide Band encoding via vo-amrwbenc
 VORBIS_DESC?=		Ogg Vorbis audio codec support

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