svn commit: r304777 - head/lang/seed7

Pietro Cerutti gahr at
Mon Sep 24 12:56:06 UTC 2012

Author: gahr
Date: Mon Sep 24 12:56:05 2012
New Revision: 304777

  - update to 05_20120909
      - The chapters about predefined statements and the foreign function
        interface in the manual, were improved.
      - An explanation, why the div operator is used for integer divisions,
        was added to the FAQ.
      - The FAQ about garbage collection was improved.
      - Links to EBNF syntax descriptions and exceptions were added to the
        HTML version of the manual.
      - EBNF syntax descriptions in the manual were improved.
      - Interpreter and compiler were improved to support the actions
      - The library shell.s7i was improved to define the functions
        getSearchPath and environment.
      - The function path(PROGRAM) was improved to return the accurate
        value under all circumstances.
      - Several preprocessor defines were moved from "common.h to the new
        include file "config.h".
      - In cmdlib.c the function toArraytype() was introduced and used in
        cmd_environment() and cmd_getSearchPath().
      - In cmd_rtl.c the functions add_stri_to_array() and
        complete_stri_array() were introduced and used in read_dir(),
        getSearchPath() and cmdEnvironment().
      - Parameter names in drw_win.c, drw_x11.c and drw_dos.c were changed
        to fit to the names used in graph.s7i.
      - Parameter names in clib_file.s7i, keybd.s7i, sockbase.s7i,
        socket.s7i, utf8.s7i, fil_rtl.c, gkb_rtl.c, kbd_rtl.c, soc_dos.c,
        soc_rtl.c and ut8_rtl.c were changed to fit to each other.
      - The function conv_from_os_stri() was added to striutl.c .
      - The function concat_path in str_rtl.c was improved to work
        correctly, when the relative path contains "..".
      - In several makefiles defines for SEARCH_PATH_DELIMITER and
        os_environ were added and defines for
        MAP_ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_DRIVE_LETTERS were replaced with
        defines for OS_PATH_HAS_DRIVE_LETTERS.
      - A description of several C preprocessor macros used in "version.h"
        and "config.h" was added to the file "src/read_me.txt".
      - Parameter names were added to function definitions in various
      - Documentation comments were added or improved in the files
        "clib_file.s7i", "external_file.s7i", "socket.s7i", "fil_rtl.c" and
      - The function determineEnvironDefines was added to "chkccomp.c".
      - A chapter, which explains the foreign function interface, was added
        to the manual.
      - Syntax descriptions, code examples and tables in the HTML version
        of the manual were improved.
      - Documentation comments were added to the file "striutl.c".
      - A description of several C preprocessor macros used in "version.h"
        was added to the file "src/read_me.txt".

  head/lang/seed7/distinfo   (contents, props changed)

Modified: head/lang/seed7/Makefile
--- head/lang/seed7/Makefile	Mon Sep 24 12:49:21 2012	(r304776)
+++ head/lang/seed7/Makefile	Mon Sep 24 12:56:05 2012	(r304777)
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 PORTNAME=	seed7
-DISTVERSION=	05_20120806
+DISTVERSION=	05_20120909

Modified: head/lang/seed7/distinfo
--- head/lang/seed7/distinfo	Mon Sep 24 12:49:21 2012	(r304776)
+++ head/lang/seed7/distinfo	Mon Sep 24 12:56:05 2012	(r304777)
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
-SHA256 (seed7_05_20120806.tgz) = f2b623e49980355ac9ac0427ac9b3ec02d7c5f31ccdd928c6b57bdb4bed419a7
-SIZE (seed7_05_20120806.tgz) = 1755295
+SHA256 (seed7_05_20120909.tgz) = 34389aaeee86f5b222904c53136a6607cf0e3dbf07ffa1ce40d99b0e50f77495
+SIZE (seed7_05_20120909.tgz) = 1773845

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