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Carlo Strub cs at
Tue Sep 4 13:03:40 UTC 2012

09/04/2012 09:25 - Alexey Dokuchaev wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 03, 2012 at 03:58:58PM +0900, Akinori MUSHA wrote:
> > At Mon, 3 Sep 2012 05:59:25 +0000,
> > Alexey Dokuchaev wrote:
> > > You should have not replaced space after WWW: with tab; also, we do not
> > > normally list Author(s) unless proper attribution cannot be given in any
> > > other way (read: no WWW page).
> > 
> > Heh, I've created and maintained hundreds of ports this way since the
> > last century without a single moment I'm blamed for that.
> Well, no one is blaming here, for starters, and formatting is not the most
> important issue, most people would not even care enough to pay attention.
> > It's OK for me to abandon my way of respecting original authors and
> > stop the use of tabs if need be, but I just wonder what your argument
> > is based on and what the problem is.
> There had been several attempts to clean up port descriptions in the past
> few years, and lately thanks for cs@ who started to clean up COMMENT shit,
> and other people who started to format WWW: page more consistently, not to
> forget large shaving off old-style attribution few months ago (I forgot who
> exactly did that).  Basically, in the old days port descriptions were a lot
> more inconsistent and untidy.  I think we need to improve here and, given
> positive momentum, it's about time, hence my email.
> ./danfe

Danfe is right, there have been several attempts to clean up ports on the "cosmetic" side and we are not yet done with all the plans we have in our minds. Regarding COMMENTS, most if not all typos have been fixed but there is one big issue left (removing A/An) which I will postpone to the time after the release/freeze. More importantly, I have updated the Porter's Handbook with more precise advise on formatting COMMENTS.

Regarding pkg-descr we are far from anywhere yet. For example, there needs to be a discussion on the length of the lines etc. All this will go into the Porter's Handbook as well. Regarding the space after WWW and mentioning the author, I think it is fair to say, however, that there is a broad consensus on how to do that. If it makes you happy, I can clarify these two points in the PHB right now. Otherwise it will flow in later together with all the other formatting requirements.


Carlo Strub
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