svn commit: r40737 - svnadmin/conf

Glen Barber gjb at
Thu Jan 24 17:45:27 UTC 2013

Author: gjb
Date: Thu Jan 24 17:45:26 2013
New Revision: 40737

  Per his request, assign mentors to keramida while he becomes familiar
  with the recent changes to the doc infrastructure.  remko and gjb (myself)
  to mentor.
  Welcome back, keramida!
  Approved by:	doceng (implicit)


Modified: svnadmin/conf/mentors
--- svnadmin/conf/mentors	Thu Jan 24 17:34:55 2013	(r40736)
+++ svnadmin/conf/mentors	Thu Jan 24 17:45:26 2013	(r40737)
@@ -17,5 +17,6 @@ eadler		bcr		backup mentor: jkois
 ebrandi		gabor
 gavin           bcr             co-mentor: jkois, since 2011-07-18
 issyl0		gabor		backup mentor: gjb
+keramida	gjb		co-mentor: remko
 rene		remko		co-mentor: gjb
 zeising 	joel

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