svn commit: r54733 - head/share/tools

Glen Barber gjb at
Sat Dec 5 02:02:10 UTC 2020

Author: gjb
Date: Sat Dec  5 02:02:09 2020
New Revision: 54733

  Remove 'head' from 'subtrees', and uncomment the 'main' addition.
  Sponsored by:	Rubicon Communications, LLC (


Modified: head/share/tools/webupdate
--- head/share/tools/webupdate	Sat Dec  5 00:57:59 2020	(r54732)
+++ head/share/tools/webupdate	Sat Dec  5 02:02:09 2020	(r54733)
@@ -90,10 +90,10 @@ export NO_OBJ=YES
 # assumes that the directory right below that is the language code.
 # This works fine if all the languages are in a directory called
 # 'doc', and not at all if they aren't.
-subtrees='head src/share/man/man4
 relnotes11/doc relnotes11/man4
-#subtrees="${subtrees} main"
+subtrees="${subtrees} main"
 # Update the checked out copies.  Check out new copies every Sunday or

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