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 	effectué sur le disque dur.</para>
-    <para>This section describes how to boot the system from the
-      installation media which was prepared using the instructions in
-      <xref linkend="bsdinstall-installation-media"/>.  When using a
-      bootable USB stick, plug in the <acronym>USB</acronym> stick
-      before turning on the computer.  When booting from
-      <acronym>CD</acronym> or <acronym>DVD</acronym>, turn on the
-      computer and insert the media at the first opportunity.  How to
-      configure the system to boot from the inserted media depends
-      upon the architecture.</para>
     <para>Cette section décrit comment démarrer le système à partir du
       support d'installation qui a été préparé à l'aide des
       instructions de <xref linkend="bsdinstall-installation-media"/>.

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