svn commit: r52827 - head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/virtualization

Benedict Reuschling bcr at
Fri Feb 22 19:21:11 UTC 2019

Author: bcr
Date: Fri Feb 22 19:21:10 2019
New Revision: 52827

  A few changes to the Xen setup:
  1) The line
      sysrc -f /etc/sysctl.conf vm.max_wired=-1
  does not work, it only returns an error about a name containing characters
  not allowed in shell. Instead, use echo to add the line to sysctl.conf.
  2) Fix the rules for automatic bridge creation, taken from the bridging
  chapter of the handbook.
  3) Add a note that FreeBSD's Dom0 requires booting in legacy (BIOS) mode.
  4) Remove mention of xen.4th for the loader menu. It's not working anymore
  with the Lua loader that we have now. Until this is fixed, don't refer
  readers to it.
  Thanks to royger@ for providing the patch.
  Submitted by:	royger@
  Approved by:	me
  Differential Revision:


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/virtualization/chapter.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/virtualization/chapter.xml	Fri Feb 22 15:22:24 2019	(r52826)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/virtualization/chapter.xml	Fri Feb 22 19:21:10 2019	(r52827)
@@ -1444,6 +1444,12 @@ kld_list="nmdm vmm"</programlisting>
 	and Input/Output Memory Management Unit (<link
 	support in the host processor.</para>
+      <note>
+	<para>In order to run a FreeBSD &xen; Dom0 the box must be
+	  booted using legacy boot (BIOS).</para>
+      </note>
     <sect2 xml:id="virtualization-host-xen-dom0-setup">
@@ -1464,7 +1470,7 @@ kld_list="nmdm vmm"</programlisting>
 	Otherwise, DomU VMs with higher memory requirements will not
-      <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>sysrc -f /etc/sysctl.conf vm.max_wired=-1</userinput></screen>
+      <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>echo 'vm.max_wired=-1' >> /etc/sysctl.conf</userinput></screen>
       <para>Another memory-related setting involves changing
 	<filename>/etc/login.conf</filename>, setting the
@@ -1516,12 +1522,6 @@ kld_list="nmdm vmm"</programlisting>
 	    experiencing issues.</para>
-	<para>&xen; provides a boot menu to activate and de-activate
-	  the hypervisor on demand in
-	  <filename>/boot/menu.rc.local</filename>:</para>
-	<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>echo "try-include /boot/xen.4th" >> /boot/menu.rc.local</userinput></screen>
 	<para>Activate the xencommons service during system
@@ -1532,12 +1532,12 @@ kld_list="nmdm vmm"</programlisting>
 	  DomU machines.  To fix that, define a bridged interface with
 	  the main NIC of the system which the DomU VMs can use to
 	  connect to the network.  Replace
-	  <replaceable>igb0</replaceable> with the host network
+	  <replaceable>em0</replaceable> with the host network
 	  interface name.</para>
-	<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>sysrc autobridge_interfaces=bridge0</userinput>
-&prompt.root; <userinput>sysrc autobridge_bridge0=<replaceable>igb0</replaceable></userinput>
-&prompt.root; <userinput>sysrc ifconfig_bridge0=SYNCDHCP</userinput></screen>
+	<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>sysrc cloned_interfaces="bridge0"</userinput>
+	  &prompt.root; <userinput>sysrc ifconfig_bridge0="addm <replaceable>em0</replaceable> SYNCDHCP"</userinput>
+	  &prompt.root; <userinput>sysrc ifconfig_<replaceable>em0</replaceable>="up"</userinput></screen>
 	<para>Restart the host to load the &xen; kernel and start the

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