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Date: Thu Apr 11 20:20:32 2019
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  Add a description on how to mount VirtualBox shared folders.
  Thanks to Gleb Popov who wrote the original patch and started the review.
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@@ -820,6 +820,23 @@ EndSection</programlisting>
+    <para>Shared folders for file transfers between host and VM are
+      accessible by mounting them using
+      <literal>mount_vboxfs</literal>.  A shared folder can be created
+      on the host using the VirtualBox GUI or via
+      <command>vboxmanage</command>.  For example, to create a shared
+      folder called <replaceable>myshare</replaceable> under
+      <filename><replaceable>/mnt/bsdboxshare</replaceable></filename>
+      for the VM named <replaceable>BSDBox</replaceable>, run:</para>
+    <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>vboxmanage sharedfolder add '<replaceable>BSDBox</replaceable>' --name <replaceable>myshare</replaceable> --hostpath <replaceable>/mnt/bsdboxshare</replaceable></userinput></screen>
+    <para>Note that the shared folder name must not contain spaces.
+      Mount the shared folder from within the guest system like
+      this:</para>
+    <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>mount_vboxfs -w <replaceable>myshare</replaceable> <replaceable>/mnt</replaceable></userinput></screen>
   <sect1 xml:id="virtualization-host-virtualbox">

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