svn commit: r52270 - head/pt_BR.ISO8859-1/share/xml

Edson Brandi ebrandi at
Mon Sep 17 00:20:18 UTC 2018

Author: ebrandi
Date: Mon Sep 17 00:20:16 2018
New Revision: 52270

  pt_BR: Update XML entities and catalog
  - Necessary fix on entities to build the new document articles/pgpkeys.
  - Changes in the catalog just to follow the English document.
  Submitted by: dbaio
  Reviewed by: ebrandi
  Approved by: gabor (mentor, implicit)


Modified: head/pt_BR.ISO8859-1/share/xml/catalog.xml
--- head/pt_BR.ISO8859-1/share/xml/catalog.xml	Sun Sep 16 22:52:59 2018	(r52269)
+++ head/pt_BR.ISO8859-1/share/xml/catalog.xml	Mon Sep 17 00:20:16 2018	(r52270)
@@ -22,6 +22,9 @@
     uri="" />
+  <system
+    systemId=""
+    uri="" />
         publicId="-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES FreeBSD Language Specific Entities//EN"

Modified: head/pt_BR.ISO8859-1/share/xml/teams.ent
--- head/pt_BR.ISO8859-1/share/xml/teams.ent	Sun Sep 16 22:52:59 2018	(r52269)
+++ head/pt_BR.ISO8859-1/share/xml/teams.ent	Mon Sep 17 00:20:16 2018	(r52270)
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ IMPORTANT:  If you delete names from this file you *mu
   The FreeBSD Documentation Project
   The FreeBSD Brazilian Portuguese Documentation Project
-  Original revision: r39632
+  Original revision: r51679
@@ -27,18 +27,15 @@ IMPORTANT:  If you delete names from this file you *mu
 <!ENTITY a.bugmeister "Administradores do Banco de Dados de 
   Relatórios de Problema <email xmlns=''>bugmeister at</email>">
+<!ENTITY a.core "Core Team 
+  <email xmlns=''>core at</email>">
 <!ENTITY a.core-secretary "Secretário do Core Team 
   <email xmlns=''>core-secretary at</email>">
 <!ENTITY a.cvsadm "Responsáveis pelo Repositório CVS 
   <email xmlns=''>cvsadm at</email>">
-<!ENTITY a.cvsup-master "Coordenador de sites espelho CVSup 
-  <email xmlns=''>cvsup-master at</email>">
-<!ENTITY a.dcvs "Responsáveis pelo Repositório CVS doc
-  <email xmlns=''>dcvs at</email>">
 <!ENTITY a.doceng "Equipe de Engenharia de Documentação
   <email xmlns=''>doceng at</email>">
@@ -57,24 +54,26 @@ IMPORTANT:  If you delete names from this file you *mu
 <!ENTITY a.ncvs "Responsáveis pelo Repositório CVS src
   <email xmlns=''>ncvs at</email>">
-<!ENTITY a.perforce-admin "Responsáveis pelo Repositório Perforce
-  <email xmlns=''>perforce-admin at</email>">
 <!ENTITY a.pcvs "Responsáveis pelo Repositório CVS
   <literal>ports</literal> <email xmlns=''>pcvs at</email>">
-<!ENTITY a.portmgr "Equipe de Gerênciamento do <literal>Ports</literal>
+<!ENTITY a.portmgr "Equipe de Gerenciamento do Ports
   <email xmlns=''>portmgr at</email>">
-<!ENTITY a.portmgr-secretary "Secretário da equipe de gerenciamento
-  do <literal>Ports</literal> 
+<!ENTITY a.portmgr-secretary "Secretário da equipe de gerenciamento do Ports 
   <email xmlns=''>portmgr-secretary at</email>">
+<!ENTITY a.ports-secteam "Equipe de Segurança do Ports
+  <email xmlns=''>ports-secteam at</email>">
 <!ENTITY a.projcvs "Responsáveis pelo Repositório CVS de projetos de
   terceiros <email xmlns=''>projcvs at</email>">
 <!ENTITY "Time de engenharia de Lançamento
   <email xmlns=''>re at</email>">
+<!ENTITY a.secteam-secretary "Secretário da equipe de Segurança
+  <email xmlns=''>secteam-secretary at</email>">
 <!ENTITY "Equipe de Oficiais de Segurança
   <email xmlns=''>security-officer at</email>">

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