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Eitan Adler eadler at
Thu Jul 26 05:18:50 UTC 2018

Author: eadler
Date: Thu Jul 26 05:18:49 2018
New Revision: 52061

  Committer guide: avoid confusing maintainers with hats
  The content at administration.html discussed hats, not maintainers.
  While certain people do tend to own various areas, this is covered by
  MAINTAINERS, Herald, etc. Just remove the reference to administration
  since its off-topic in this context.
  Approved by:    core


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guide/article.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guide/article.xml	Wed Jul 25 20:17:02 2018	(r52060)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guide/article.xml	Thu Jul 26 05:18:49 2018	(r52061)
@@ -3345,12 +3345,6 @@ Relnotes:           yes</programlisting>
 	    look at the repository logs for the files
 	    in question and see if someone has been working recently
 	    or predominantly in that area.</para>
-	  <para>Other areas of &os; fall under the control of someone
-	    who manages an overall category of &os; evolution, such as
-	    internationalization or networking.  See <link
-	      xlink:href="&url.base;/administration.html"></link>
-	    for more information on this.</para>

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