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  brief, but should at least point people in the right direction.
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-    <para>Beginning with &os; 9.0-RELEASE, &os; provides an easy
-      to use, text-based installation
-      program named <application>bsdinstall</application>.  This
-      chapter describes how to install &os; using
+    <para>There are several different ways of getting &os; to run,
+      depending on the environment.  Those are:</para>
+    <itemizedlist>
+      <listitem>
+	<para>Virtual Machine images, to download and
+	  import on a virtual environment of choice.
+	  These can be downloaded from the
+	  <link xlink:href="">Download FreeBSD</link>
+	  page.  There are images for KVM (<quote>qcow2</quote>),
+	  VMWare (<quote>vmdk</quote>), Hyper-V (<quote>vhd</quote>),
+	  and raw device images that are universally supported.
+	  These are not installation images, but rather the
+	  preconfigured (<quote>already installed</quote>) instances,
+	  ready to run and perform post-installation tasks.</para>
+      </listitem>
+      <listitem>
+	<para>Virtual Machine images available at Amazon's
+	  <link xlink:href="">AWS Marketplace</link>,
+	  <link xlink:href="">Microsoft Azure Marketplace</link>,
+	  and <link xlink:href="">Google Cloud Platform</link>,
+	  to run on their respective hosting services.
+	  For more information on deploying &os;
+	  on Azure please consult the relevant chapter in the
+	  <link xlink:href="">Azure Documentation</link>.</para>
+      </listitem>
+      <listitem>
+	<para>SD card images, for embedded systems such
+	  as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black.  These can be
+	  downloaded from the
+	  <link xlink:href="">Download FreeBSD</link>
+	  page.  These files must be uncompressed and written
+	  as a raw image to an SD card, from which the board will
+	  then boot.</para>
+      </listitem>
+      <listitem>
+	<para>Installation images, to install &os; on
+	  a hard drive for the usual desktop, laptop, or server
+	  systems.</para>
+      </listitem>
+    </itemizedlist>
+    <para>The rest of this chapter describes the fourth case,
+      explaining how to install &os; using the text-based
+      installation program named
     <para>In general, the installation instructions in this chapter

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