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  Update zh_CN information on the Translation Project page.
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 <a name="chinese-cn"></a>
 <h2>The FreeBSD Simplified Chinese Documentation Project</h2>
-<b>Web</b>: <a href=""></a> <br/>
-<b>E-Mail</b>: <a href="mailto:delphij at">delphij at</a><br/>
+<b>E-Mail</b>: <a href="mailto:delphij at">delphij at</a> or
+  <a href="mailto:ygy at">ygy at</a><br/>
-<dt><i>Mailing list available</i></dt>
-  Instructions on how to subscribe to the Simplified Chinese Project's
-  mailing list are available from <a
-    href=""></a>
-<dt><i>Latest snapshot of our work</i></dt>
-  <a href="">Web</a></dd>
-  <a href="">Architecture Handbook</a></dd>
-  <a href="">Developers' Handbook</a></dd>
-  <a href="">Handbook</a></dd>
-  <a href="">Porters' Handbook</a></dd>
-  <a href="">FAQ</a></dd>
+  <dt><i>Documents currently being worked on</i></dt>
+  <dd><a href="">FreeBSD Website</a></dd>
+  <dd><a href="">Handbook</a></dd>
 <a name="chinese-tw"></a>

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