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       <p>1. Coordination between different groups to support the
 	upcoming 12.0 release. The timing of the OpenSSL
-	1.1.1 release posed challenges, the new OpenSSL
-	version included API changes, many components of
+	1.1.1 release posed challenges. The new OpenSSL
+	version included API changes, so many components of
 	the base system and ports required changes.
 	Staying with the older OpenSSL in 12.0 was not a
 	feasible option, because it would have meant
@@ -398,10 +398,9 @@
 	developer and user surveys. If there are questions
 	that you think should be added to the survey,
 	please discuss them on freebsd-arch at . We are
-	exploring ways for automated user-driven hardware
-	usage data to understand the changing ways our
-	software is used and to target better hardware
-	support.</p>
+	also exploring ways to collect automated hardware-usage data.
+	This will help the project to understand the changing ways our
+	software is used and to improve hardware support.</p>
       <p>Here are other noteworthy events (in chronological order)
 	since the last quarterly report.</p>

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