svn commit: r52551 - head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/releases/12.0R/relnotes

Glen Barber gjb at
Tue Dec 4 16:28:27 UTC 2018

Author: gjb
Date: Tue Dec  4 16:28:26 2018
New Revision: 52551

  Miscelleneous wording tweaks and clarifications.
  Submitted by:	lidl
  Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/releases/12.0R/relnotes/relnotes.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/releases/12.0R/relnotes/relnotes.xml	Tue Dec  4 16:28:24 2018	(r52550)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/releases/12.0R/relnotes/relnotes.xml	Tue Dec  4 16:28:26 2018	(r52551)
@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@
       <para revision="337018">Support for <acronym>UDP</acronym>-lite
-	has been added via &man.dtrace.udplite.4;.</para>
+	has been added to &man.dtrace.udplite.4;.</para>
       <para revision="337442">The &man.file.1; utility has been
 	updated to version 5.34.</para>
@@ -287,7 +287,8 @@
 	&man.rc.8; subsystem has been updated to support new keywords
 	in &man.rc.conf.5;, <literal>enable</literal>,
 	<literal>disable</literal>, and
-	<literal>delete</literal>.  See &man.rc.conf.5; for usage
+	<literal>delete</literal> with &man.rc.d.8; scripts and the
+	&man.service.8; utility.  See &man.rc.conf.5; for usage
@@ -372,7 +373,7 @@
       <para revision="339338" contrib="sponsor"
 	sponsor="&intelcorp;">The &man.ixlv.4; driver has been renamed
 	to &man.iavf.4; and updated to use &man.iflib.9;.  The
-	&man.ixlv.4; kernel module is not a hard link to &man.iavf.4;
+	&man.ixlv.4; kernel module is now a hard link to &man.iavf.4;
 	for backwards compatibility for upgrading from earlier &os;

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