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 	to find out how we support &os; and how we can help you!</p>
+  <project cat="kern">
+    <title>pNFS Server Plan B</title>
+    <contact>
+      <person>
+	<name>
+	  <given>Rick</given>
+	  <common>Macklem</common>
+	</name>
+	<email>rmacklem at</email>
+      </person>
+    </contact>
+    <links>
+      <url href="">Instructions for Testing</url>
+    </links>
+    <body>
+      <p>A pNFS server allows an NFS service to be spread over
+	multiple servers, separating the MetaData operations from the
+	Data operations (Read/Write).  This project will add the
+	capability of using &os; systems to create a pNFS service
+	consisting of a single MetaData Server, plus a set of Data
+	Servers.  The Data Servers can be mirrored, so that redundant
+	copies of the file data are maintained.</p>
+      <p>The support for non-mirrored Data Servers is now believed
+	to be complete.  Support for mirrored Data Servers using the
+	Flexible File Layout, which will soon be published as an RFC,
+	is implemented.  However, there is still significant work to
+	be done, since the current implementation of mirrored Data
+	Servers does not handle failed Data Servers or their
+	resilvering/recovery.  It is hoped that support for
+	failure/recovery of Data Servers will be implemented in the
+	next six months.</p>
+      <p>The patched &os; sources may now be accessed for testing
+	via either Subversion or download of a gzipped tarball.
+	They consist of a patched kernel plus nfsd daemon and can be
+	used on any &os; 11 or later system.  The installation
+	procedure is covered in the linked document.</p>
+    </body>
+    <help>
+      <task>Testing by others will be needed, now that the
+	implementation is available.</task>
+      <task>Implementation and testing of mirror failure/recovery.</task>
+    </help>
+  </project>

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