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+  <project cat='team'>
+    <title>The &os; Core Team</title>
+    <contact>
+      <person>
+	<name>&os; Core Team</name>
+	<email>core at</email>
+      </person>
+    </contact>
+    <body>
+      <p>The new "&os; Community Process" was drafted during BSDCan
+	earlier this year.  The first such document, FCP 0, defines how
+	the whole process works.  After some time for discussion and
+	revision, FCP 0 was voted on and accepted by core, following the
+	procedure laid down within that document.  Currently the use of FCPs
+	is entirely optional; we shall see how the community begins to
+	adopt their usage and evolve the process based on experience.</p>
+      <p>A draft update to the Code of Conduct has been prepared by the
+	advisory committee.  Core is currently reviewing the text, and
+	will soon vote on accepting it.  Core is keen to avoid the trap of
+	"rules lawyering".  At the moment, the feeling is
+	that we need to add a preamble to the CoC to articulate the
+	goals of the project and to act as a general guide to the
+	exercise of the code.</p>
+      <p>This quarter has been quite a busy one concerning changes to
+	the roster of committers and project members.  We have elected our
+	first new Project Member — John Hixson, who will be familiar from
+	many conferences where he has given presentations and ably
+	represented iXsystems.  A second proposed Project Member was not
+	accepted by core, but only because core felt that Fedor Uporov
+	really deserved a commit bit instead.</p>
+      <p>In addition to Fedor Uporov, please also welcome (in no
+	particular order) Matt Joras, Marcin Wojtas, Chuck Tuffli, Ilya
+	Bakulin and Alex Richardson as brand new committers.  We have also
+	awarded Steven Hurd and Eugene Grosbein src commit bits to go with
+	their existing ports bits.  Welcome back Gordon Tetlow as a src
+	committer, essential for his new role within secteam.  Eric Davis
+	and Rui Paulo have both decided to hang up their commit bits: we
+	wish them well in their future endeavours.  Finally, we must
+	report the sad death of Andrey Chernov, who will be sorely missed
+	by his colleagues and collaborators.</p>
+      <p>Andrey's death has highlighted another question which is only
+	going to become more complex over time.  Keeping track of
+	copyrights is already hard enough within a mature source tree with
+	many contributors, such as the &os; sources.  Now we need to
+	consider trying to keep track of the heirs and beneficiaries of
+	contributors who have sadly passed away.  Core will consult with
+	the Foundation legal team to discuss possible approaches to
+	alleviate this.</p>
+      <p>There have been complaints that the workings of Core are being
+	kept overly confidential, and that consequently the majority of
+	the project has too little idea of what is going on.  This is
+	certainly not intentional by Core, and we are keen to open up
+	Core's business to more general community scrutiny as far as seems
+	reasonable.</p>
+      <p>Core dealt with a number of licensing questions:</p>
+      <ul>
+	<li>When upstreaming patches and other original works to
+	  VirtualBox or other Oracle properties, pragmatically it works
+	  best to provide them under the terms of the MIT license (one
+	  of two opensource licenses accepted by Oracle).  Of course,
+	  this only applies to work upstreamed by or with the permission
+	  of the original author.</li>
+	<li>The Viking software license is sufficiently BSD-like that
+	  magic constants from their drivers can be used in &os;
+	  code.</li>
+	<li>There is no separate register of deviations from the allowed
+	  BSD-like licenses in the source tree: any code in the tree
+	  under other than BSD-like license terms can be assumed to have
+	  been approved by core.</li>
+	<li>At the moment the &os; copyright requirement to include
+	  the copyright notice in redistributions in binary form is
+	  satisfied by making the &os; sources, with all of the
+	  detailed copyright information included in the different source
+	  code files, available alongside pre-compiled system images.
+	  However, this does not necessarily meet the needs of downstream
+	  projects based on &os;, and given the new "packaged base",
+	  adding per-package licensing metadata in a way similar to how
+	  the Ports Collectionworks is under consideration as an alternative
+	  mechanism.</li>
+      </ul>
+      <p>Concerns were raised regarding the pending HardenedBSD entry in the
+	previous quarterly report prior to publication.  The &os;
+	project welcomes reports from separate (but derived) projects in
+	quarterly reports and has included similar reports in the past
+	from other projects (such as TrueOS and pfSense).  The HardenedBSD
+	report was edited for length and to concentrate on activities
+	during the quarter in question.</p>
+      <p>Amazon is proposing to set up mirrors of the FreeBSD-update and
+	<tt>pkg</tt> servers within AWS in order to provide faster
+	access for EC2 users.  These mirrors will be publicly
+	accessible, but the expectation is that use will primarily be
+	from within EC2.  &os; AMIs will have a preset configuration
+	that references the Amazon servers.</p>
+      <p>The old, long deprecated and insecure "r-commands" (rsh,
+	rlogin, rcp) are being removed from the base system for
+	12.0-RELEASE.  Notice of this was added to the man pages and
+	release notes in time for 11.1-RELEASE and 10.4-RELEASE.  Anyone
+	requiring these commands for backwards compatibility can use the
+	new <tt>net/bsdrcmds</tt> port.</p>
+      <p>Work to replace Heimdal Kerberos in base with the more widely
+	compatible MIT Kerberos has begun in a new
+	<tt>projects/krb5</tt> branch.  This should not fall foul of
+	any US cryptography export regulations: the project is
+	required to notify the US government that cryptographic
+	software can be downloaded from &os; servers, and this already
+	covers MIT Kerberos, already available within ports.</p>
+      <p>A number of Bay Area &os; User Group-related domain names
+	are being given up by their original owner.  The current BAFUG
+	organisers have been made aware.</p>
+      <p>Core has voted on a change to the Doceng voting rules to
+	provide for a "did not vote" status during doceng
+	voting similar to how portmgr and core voting operates.  The
+	current requirement for all five members of doceng to register
+	a vote on issues was proving to be a significant
+	bottleneck.</p>
+    </body>
+  </project>

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