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 	is needed throughout the rest of the &os; tree.</p>
+  <project cat='team'>
+    <title>The FreeBSD Foundation</title>
+    <contact>
+      <person>
+	<name>
+	  <given>Deb</given>
+	  <common>Goodkin</common>
+	</name>
+	<email>deb at</email>
+      </person>
+    </contact>
+    <links>
+      <url href="">FreeBSD Foundation Website</url>
+      <url href=";-Foundation-Q2-2017-Update.pdf">Quarterly Newsletter</url>
+    </links>
+    <body>
+      <p>Last quarter the Foundation was busy supporting the &os;
+	Project in so many ways!  We brought on two interns from the
+	University of Waterloo who were extremely productive, from
+	working on a continuous integration project, to adding MSDOS
+	FAT filesystem support to <tt>makefs</tt>.  We continued
+	helping to accelerate OS changes with our internal staff of
+	software developers, as well as funding outside software
+	development projects, and continued promoting &os; by
+	participating in technology conferences around the world.  To
+	encourage more commercial users to donate to the Foundation,
+	we launched a new partnership program.  The &os; 11.1
+	release effort has been led by a full-time Foundation
+	employee, to continue keeping releases timely and reliable.
+	Finally, we led the effort to celebrate the newly declared
+	&os; Day, to help raise awareness of &os; around the
+	world!</p>
+      <p>Below, you can read some of the highlights from our Q2
+	newsletter and find writeups throughout this status report
+	from Foundation staff members including Ed Maste, Kostik
+	Belousov, and Glen Barber.  Don't forget, we are 100%
+	funded by donations.  Please take a moment to <a
+	  href="">donate
+	  now</a>, so we can continue supporting the &os; Project and
+	community worldwide!</p>
+      <p>Q2 Development Projects Summary</p>
+      <p>The hard work continues into the 2nd quarter on 2017.
+	Please take a look at the highlights from our more recent
+	Development Projects summaries.</p>
+      <p>April: &os; USB Mass Storage Target Project Update</p>
+      <p>The Foundation awarded a project grant to Edward Tomasz
+	Napierała to develop a USB mass storage target driver, using
+	the &os; CAM Target Layer (CTL) as a backend.  This project
+	allows &os; on an embedded platform, such as a BeagleBone
+	Black or Raspberry Pi Zero, to emulate a USB mass storage
+	target, commonly known as a USB flash stick.  Read more at
+	<a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>May: Foundation Brings on Co-Op Students</p>
+      <p>At the beginning of May we embarked on a new path in the
+	&os; Foundation, with the hiring of co-operative education
+	(co-op) students from the University of Waterloo.  The
+	University of Waterloo is a pioneer and leader in
+	co-operative education, with 100% of Engineering students
+	and a majority of Computer Science students participating in
+	co-op programs.  Read more at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>June: FreeBSD Foundation 2017 Project Proposal
+	Solicitation (contributed by Ed Maste)</p>
+      <p>One of the ways the Foundation supports &os; is by
+	providing development grants for work on individual
+	projects.  These allow developers to propose projects they
+	would like to undertake to improve &os;, and request funding
+	to perform that work.  The Foundation is always willing to
+	receive proposals, but will occasionally issue a call for
+	proposals to highlight specific areas of focus and to be
+	able to collect and evaluate a group of proposals.</p>
+      <p>The proposal submission deadline was July 14, 2017, but as
+	mentioned above, people are welcome to submit proposals at
+	anytime.</p>
+      <p>Although proposals may address any &os; subsystem or
+	infrastructure, we are particularly interested in receiving
+	proposals related to:</p>
+      <ul>
+	<li>Improvements to the security of &os; itself, or of
+	  applications running on &os;.</li>
+	<li>New test cases, improved test infrastructure, and
+	  quality assurance.</li>
+	<li>Improved software development tools.</li>
+	<li>Projects to improve community collaboration and
+	  communication.</li>
+	<li>Improving the &os; "out of the box" experience
+	  for new users on various hardware platforms.</li>
+	<li>Establishing &os; as a leader in advancing projects of
+	  shared interest (such as ZFS, LLVM, or
+	  <tt>libarchive</tt>).</li>
+      </ul>
+      <p>More details can be found at <a
+	  href=""></a>.
+	The full project proposal submission guidelines can be found
+	at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>Please do not hesitate to contact
+	proposals at with any questions.</p>
+      <p>Announcing New Partnership Program (contributed by Deb
+	Goodkin)</p>
+      <p>I'm excited to announce our new FreeBSD Foundation
+	Partnership Program!  Our work is 100% supported by
+	donations from individuals and organizations.  With a
+	spending budget of $1,500,000, we rely on large donations
+	from our commercial users to help us sustain and increase
+	our support.  Recognizing the value of these donations, and
+	putting together a sustainable funding model, we wanted to
+	institute benefits that highlighted this support, and
+	recognize these donors in productive ways.  Partnerships are
+	an avenue to assist commercial users by helping them get on
+	board more quickly with &os;, share their needs with the
+	community, and facilitate collaboration with &os;
+	developers.  We believe that building these relationships
+	with commercial users will contribute to keeping &os;
+	relevant and help provide a sustainable and healthy
+	ecosystem.</p>
+      <p>You can check out our updated donor pages to see how we are
+	acknowledging our Partners at <a
+	  href=""></a>.
+	You can also find out more about this new program at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>When I was in China last week, I had a chance to talk to a
+	few companies about our new partnership program, and it
+	definitely generated more interest in supporting our
+	efforts.</p>
+      <p>We are continuing to reach out to commercial users for help
+	that will enable us to provide more outreach and support for
+	&os;.  This includes funding more projects to improve &os;,
+	providing &os; education and training, and recruiting more
+	contributors to the Project.  We can only provide the above
+	support with your donations, and we need your help to
+	connect us with your companies.  Please consider sharing our
+	new Partnership Program with your organization and helping
+	to connect us with the appropriate contacts at your
+	company.</p>
+      <p>Your donations will help us:</p>
+      <ul>
+	<li>Accelerate improvements and add new features to
+	  &os;</li>
+	<li>Support release engineering efforts full-time</li>
+	<li>Create and provide &os; educational and training
+	  material</li>
+	<li>Provide face-to-face opportunities for developers to
+	  work together</li>
+	<li>Improve and support &os; infrastructure</li>
+      </ul>
+      <p>We need your support to continue improving &os;.  You can
+	help by donating today and sharing our new Partnership
+	Program with your company.</p>
+      <p>Q2 2017 Conference Recaps</p>
+      <p>From sponsoring events to attending conferences, the
+	Foundation continued its mission of advocacy in the second
+	quarter of 2017.  Over the past few weeks, members of the
+	Foundation team represented the Project and the Foundation
+	at events around the world.  Below are just a few of the
+	conference recaps.</p>
+      <p>FOSSASIA 2017 (contributed by Philip Paeps)</p>
+      <p>The Foundation kindly funded part of my travel from Tokyo to
+	Singapore to attend FOSSASIA.  I gave the "&os; is not
+	a Linux Distribution" presentation that Foundation
+	board member George Neville-Neil wrote for Open Source China
+	in December.  My presentation was well-attended, and I got a
+	lot of good questions from the primarily Linux-oriented
+	audience.  Read more at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>OSCON 2017 (contributed by Ed Maste)</p>
+      <p>I represented the FreeBSD Foundation at OSCON 2017, which took place
+	May 8-11, 2017, in Austin, TX.  <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>The Foundation booth was also staffed by &os; committer
+	Brad Davis and Doug Mcintire from Netgate.  We met up
+	Wednesday morning to set up the table.  We were part of a
+	"nonprofit pavilion" which consisted of eight or
+	so tables, located between Open Camps and Operation
+	Code.</p>
+      <p>To help attract booth traffic, I brought a Raspberry Pi 3,
+	with a small LCD display attached.  As a demo, the Raspberry
+	Pi showed a video of a Gource rendering of changes to the
+	&os; source tree over time (see example at <a
+	  href=""></a>).
+	Read more at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>RootConf 2017 (contributed by Philip Paeps)</p>
+      <p>In mid-May I presented at Rootconf 2017  in Bangalore.
+	Rootconf is India's principal conference where systems and
+	operations engineers share real world knowledge about
+	building reliable systems.  <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>As always, it was interesting to hear the difficulties
+	people face trying to run reliable systems on less reliable
+	platforms.  While many of the presentations were very
+	Linux-specific and not very exciting to me, a couple of
+	talks did catch my eye.</p>
+      <p>I particularly enjoyed the talk by Aruna Sankaranarayanan
+	(<a
+	  href=""></a>)
+	explaining how Mapbox takes advantage of Amazon's "spot
+	pricing" mechanism by spawning and shutting down
+	machines at different price points to optimize for cost
+	without compromising availability.  Their spotswap <a
+	  href=""></a>
+	software has been released under a BSD license.  It sounds
+	like it should be possible to port this to &os; with minimal
+	effort.  Read more at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>BSDCan 2017/&os; Developers Summit (contributed by Deb
+	Goodkin)</p>
+      <p>One of our initiatives is to assist in providing
+	face-to-face knowledge sharing and development opportunities
+	around the world.  One way we do this is by sponsoring
+	BSD-related conferences and &os; Developer and Vendor
+	Summits.  We recently sponsored both BSDCan 2017 and the
+	&os; Developer and Vendor Summit in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,
+	which took place June 7-10, 2017.  Many of our board and
+	staff members attended the summit and conference to run
+	tutorials, give presentations, lead sessions, work with
+	developers, give demos, and share knowledge.</p>
+      <p>In addition, this year we were pleased to bring our new
+	University of Waterloo interns to the conference where they
+	had the opportunity to demonstrate some of their projects at
+	the Foundation table.  Read more at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>Open Travel Grant Applications</p>
+      <p>The Foundation recognizes the importance of bringing
+	members of the &os; community face-to-face to both further
+	development of the Project and spread the word about &os;.
+	Travel grants are available to community members who need
+	assistance with travel expenses for attending conferences
+	related to &os; development and advocacy.  Please note: the
+	travel grant policy has been recently updated.  Please
+	carefully review before submitting your application.</p>
+      <p>More information about travel grants is available at: <a
+	href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>&os; Day was June 19! (contributed by Anne Dickison)</p>
+      <p>June 19th was declared &os; Day!  Thank you to everyone who
+	joined us in honoring the &os; Project's pioneering legacy
+	and continuing impact on technology.  Find out more about
+	&os; Day and how we celebrated here at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>Upcoming Events</p>
+      <p>Find out about upcoming Foundation events at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>&os; Journal</p>
+      <p>The May/June 2017 Issue of the &os; Journal is now
+	available.  Don't miss articles on &os;'s Firewall Feast,
+	CADETS: Blending Tracing and Security on &os;, Toward
+	Oblivious Sandboxing with Capsicum, and more.  (<a
+	  href=""></a>)</p>
+      <p>Did you miss the March/April issue?  Check out articles on
+	CFEngine, Puppet on &os;, Vagrant, and more!  (<a
+	  href=""></a>)
+	As a recent addition of functionality, browser-based
+	subscribers now have the ability to download and share PDFs
+	of the articles!</p>
+      <p>Sample Issue!  If you've ever wanted to read through an
+	entire issue of the &os; Journal, now's your chance.
+	Download the sample issue from <a
+	  href="{"issue_id":296880,"numpages":1,"page":1}">{"issue_id":296880,"numpages":1,"page":1}</a>
+	and be sure to share with your friends and colleagues.  Not
+	a subscriber?  Sign up today at <a
+	  href=""></a>.</p>
+      <p>More information about the Foundation's doings and
+	goings-on can be found in our own quarterly newsletter, linked
+	above.</p>
+    </body>
+  </project>

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