svn commit: r50686 - head/share/xml

Warren Block wblock at
Fri Aug 18 17:19:55 UTC 2017

Author: wblock
Date: Fri Aug 18 17:19:53 2017
New Revision: 50686

  Add the ability to set a translate="no" property on any element that
  uses the common properties attributes.  This also adds the ability to
  set rules in the <info> element to select types of elements that should
  not be translated.  Non-translated text does not appear in PO files and
  is not seen by translators, but is included verbatim in the final
  translated output document.
  The current use case for this is to prevent the PGP keys from being
  translated, which makes no sense and introduces duplication.
  This work was made possible with assistance by Shaun McCance at the 2017
  Open Help Conference.
  Sponsored by:	iXsystems


Modified: head/share/xml/docbook50.dtd
--- head/share/xml/docbook50.dtd	Thu Aug 17 17:23:46 2017	(r50685)
+++ head/share/xml/docbook50.dtd	Fri Aug 18 17:19:53 2017	(r50686)
@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@
 	audience	CDATA	#IMPLIED
 	condition	CDATA	#IMPLIED
 	conformance	CDATA	#IMPLIED
+	xmlns:its	CDATA	#FIXED	''
+	its:translate	(yes|no)	#IMPLIED
 	revision	CDATA	#IMPLIED
 	security	CDATA	#IMPLIED
@@ -48,7 +50,7 @@
 <!ENTITY % db.common.linking.attributes "
 	linkend	IDREF	#IMPLIED
-	xmlns:xlink	CDATA	#FIXED	''	
+	xmlns:xlink	CDATA	#FIXED	''
 	xlink:href	CDATA	#IMPLIED
 	xlink:type	CDATA	#IMPLIED
 	xlink:role	CDATA	#IMPLIED
@@ -95,7 +97,22 @@
-<!ELEMENT info ((title|titleabbrev|subtitle)*|(abstract|address|artpagenums|author|authorgroup|authorinitials|bibliocoverage|biblioid|bibliosource|collab|confgroup|contractsponsor|contractnum|copyright|cover|date|edition|editor|issuenum|keywordset|legalnotice|mediaobject|org|orgname|othercredit|pagenums|printhistory|pubdate|publisher|publishername|releaseinfo|revhistory|seriesvolnums|subjectset|volumenum|annotation|extendedlink|bibliomisc|bibliomset|bibliorelation|biblioset|itermset|productname|productnumber)*)*>
+<!ELEMENT its:translateRule EMPTY>
+<!ATTLIST its:translateRule
+	translate	CDATA	#IMPLIED
+	selector	CDATA	#IMPLIED
+<!ELEMENT its:rules ((its:translateRule)*)>
+<!ATTLIST its:rules
+	xmlns:its	CDATA	#FIXED	""
+	xmlns:db	CDATA	#FIXED	""
+	version		CDATA	#IMPLIED
+<!ELEMENT info ((title|titleabbrev|subtitle)*|(abstract|address|artpagenums|author|authorgroup|authorinitials|bibliocoverage|biblioid|bibliosource|collab|confgroup|contractsponsor|contractnum|copyright|cover|date|edition|editor|issuenum|keywordset|legalnotice|mediaobject|org|orgname|othercredit|pagenums|printhistory|pubdate|publisher|publishername|releaseinfo|revhistory|seriesvolnums|subjectset|volumenum|annotation|extendedlink|bibliomisc|bibliomset|bibliorelation|biblioset|itermset|its:rules|productname|productnumber)*)*>
 <!ATTLIST info
 	xmlns	CDATA	#FIXED	""

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