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Sun Nov 27 12:40:14 UTC 2016

Author: mat
Date: Sun Nov 27 12:40:13 2016
New Revision: 49702

  Always use "group" for the multiple location distribution file scheme.
  It conflict with the tagname from the GitHub section.
  Sponsored by:	Absolight


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook/makefiles/chapter.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook/makefiles/chapter.xml	Sat Nov 26 16:50:08 2016	(r49701)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook/makefiles/chapter.xml	Sun Nov 27 12:40:13 2016	(r49702)
@@ -2099,8 +2099,8 @@ USE_GITHUB=	yes</programlisting>
 	  <varname>GH_PROJECT</varname>, and
 	  <varname>GH_TAGNAME</varname>.  Each different value is
-	  assigned a tag.  The main value can either have no tag, or
-	  the <literal>:DEFAULT</literal> tag.  A value can be
+	  assigned a group.  The main value can either have no group, or
+	  the <literal>:DEFAULT</literal> group.  A value can be
 	  omitted if it is the same as the default as listed in
@@ -2110,11 +2110,11 @@ USE_GITHUB=	yes</programlisting>
 	  project, tagname, and group information at the same
-	<para>For each tag, a
-	  <varname>${WRKSRC_<replaceable>tag</replaceable>}</varname>
+	<para>For each group, a
+	  <varname>${WRKSRC_<replaceable>group</replaceable>}</varname>
 	  helper variable is created, containing the directory into
 	  which the file has been extracted.  The
-	  <varname>${WRKSRC_<replaceable>tag</replaceable>}</varname>
+	  <varname>${WRKSRC_<replaceable>group</replaceable>}</varname>
 	  variables can be used to move directories around during
 	  <buildtarget>post-extract</buildtarget>, or add to
 	  <varname>CONFIGURE_ARGS</varname>, or whatever is needed
@@ -2123,7 +2123,7 @@ USE_GITHUB=	yes</programlisting>
 	  <para>As this is only syntastic sugar above
 	    <varname>DISTFILES</varname> and
-	    <varname>MASTER_SITES</varname>, the tag names must adhere
+	    <varname>MASTER_SITES</varname>, the group names must adhere
 	    to the restrictions on group names outlined in <xref
@@ -2135,7 +2135,7 @@ USE_GITHUB=	yes</programlisting>
 	  <para>From time to time, there is a need to fetch more
 	    than one distribution file.  For example, when the
 	    upstream git repository uses submodules.  This can be
-	    done easily using tags in the
+	    done easily using groups in the
@@ -2153,8 +2153,8 @@ CONFIGURE_ARGS=	--with-contrib=${WRKSRC_
 	  <para>This will fetch three distribution files from
 	    github.  The default one comes from
 	    <filename>foo/foo</filename> and is version
-	    <literal>1.0.2</literal>.  The second one, tagged
-	    <literal>icons</literal>, comes from
+	    <literal>1.0.2</literal>.  The second one, with the
+	    <literal>icons</literal> group, comes from
 	    <filename>bar/foo-icons</filename> and is in version
 	    <literal>1.0</literal>.  The third one comes from
 	    <filename>bar/foo-contrib</filename> and uses the
@@ -2170,11 +2170,11 @@ CONFIGURE_ARGS=	--with-contrib=${WRKSRC_
 	    <varname>${WRKSRC}</varname>, in this case,
 	    <filename>${WRKDIR}/foo-1.0.2</filename>.  Each
 	    additional distribution file is extracted in
-	    <varname>${WRKSRC_<replaceable>tag</replaceable>}</varname>.
-	    Here, for the <literal>icons</literal> tag, it is called
+	    <varname>${WRKSRC_<replaceable>group</replaceable>}</varname>.
+	    Here, for the <literal>icons</literal> group, it is called
 	    <varname>${WRKSRC_icons}</varname> and it contains
 	    <filename>${WRKDIR}/foo-icons-1.0</filename>.  The file
-	    with the <literal>contrib</literal> tag is called
+	    with the <literal>contrib</literal> group is called
 	    <varname>${WRKSRC_contrib}</varname> and contains
@@ -2530,9 +2530,9 @@ EXTRACT_ONLY=	source.tar.gz</programlist
 	<para>To support this, each entry in
 	  <varname>DISTFILES</varname> may be followed by a colon and
-	  a <quote>tag name</quote>.  Each site listed in
+	  a <quote>group name</quote>.  Each site listed in
 	  <varname>MASTER_SITES</varname> is then followed by a colon,
-	  and the tag that indicates which distribution files are
+	  and the group that indicates which distribution files are
 	  downloaded from this site.</para>
 	<para>For example, consider an application with the source
@@ -2554,7 +2554,7 @@ DISTFILES=	source1.tar.gz:source1 \
-	<para>Multiple distribution files can have the same tag.
+	<para>Multiple distribution files can have the same group.
 	  Continuing the previous example, suppose that there was a
 	  third distfile, <filename>source3.tar.gz</filename>, that
 	  is downloaded from

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