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  Add a draft introduction to the 2016Q3 report


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       an announcement email is sent to the &os;-Announce mailing
-    <?ignore
-    <p>This report covers &os;-related projects between July and
-      September 2016.  This is the third of four reports planned for
-      2016.</p>
-    <p>The third quarter of 2016 was another productive quarter for
-      the &os; project and community.  [...]</p>
-    <p>Thanks to all the reporters for the excellent work!</p>
-    <p>The deadline for submissions covering the period from October
-      to December 2016 is January 7, 2016.</p>
-     ?>
+    <p>As focused as we are on the present and what is happening
+      now, it is sometimes useful to take a reminder at where we have
+      come from, and where we are going.  This quarter, we had our
+      newest doc committer working to trace through the tangled
+      history of many utilities, and we also get a glimpse looking
+      forward at what may come in &os; 12.</p>
+    <p>Though 11.0-RELEASE was not finalized until after the period
+      covered in this report, we can still have some anticipatory
+      excitement for the features that will be coming in 12.0.  The
+      possibilities are tantalizing: a base system with no GPL
+      components, arm64 as a Tier-1 architecture, capsicum protection
+      for common utilities, and the CloudABI for custom software are
+      just a few.</p>
+    <p>The work of the present is no less exciting, with 11.0
+      making its way out just after the end of Q3, the new core
+      coming into its own, and much more that you'll have to read
+      to find out.</p>
+    <p>—Benjamin Kaduk</p>
+    <p><hr /></p>
+    <p>Please submit status reports for the fourth quarter of 2016
+      by January 7.</p>

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