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Author: emaste (src committer)
Date: Thu Nov  3 18:34:20 2016
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  Update/clarify core@ licensing issues for the quarter


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@@ -1302,25 +1302,23 @@
 	<li>Importing Concurrency Kit.  In consultation with the
-	  Foundation's legal counsel, it was determined that the
-	  relevant patents on the 'Read Copy Update' synchronization
-	  mechanisms have expired, and consequently the import of
-	  selected parts of concurrency kit was approved.</li>
+	  Foundation's legal counsel, it was determined that
+	  importing selected parts of concurrency kit is acceptable,
+	  and has been approved.</li>
 	<li>The proposal to create a shadow GPLv3 toolchain repository
 	  was put to the community.  Ultimately the whole idea has
 	  been rendered largely redundant by faster than anticipated
-	  progress at integrating the latest LLVM toolchain on most of
-	  the interesting system architectures.  The goal of a
-	  GPL-free base system is within our grasp.</li>
-	<li>Reports that GPL code has been pasted into linuxkpi
-	  sources are under investigation.  Core would like to stress
-	  that great care must be taken to avoid inadvertent license
-	  infringement, especially when implementing hardware
-	  interfaces or similar where there is limited scope to invent
-	  new constants or otherwise make it clear this is a novel
-	  implementation.</li>
+	  progress on the external toolchain ports and packages for
+	  those architectures where LLVM is not yet sufficieintly
+	  mature.</li>
+	<li>Concerns were raised about handling GPL code in work in
+	  progress on the linuxkpi shim. This issue is not related to
+	  the FreeBSD svn repository but Core would like to stress
+	  that care must be taken to avoid license infringement and
+	  plans to write a set of guidelines for handling GPL
+	  code.</li>
       <p>Work on LLVM has thrown up problems with the presence of

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