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  Update commercial ISP list.  Diff to address multiple PRs provided by
  Shawn Debnath <sd at>.
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Modified: head/share/xml/commercial.isp.xml
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+++ head/share/xml/commercial.isp.xml	Tue May 24 16:53:56 2016	(r48844)
@@ -652,7 +652,7 @@
       Netcup is a hosting provider located in Germany and we are
       specialized in providing webhosting and virtual servers.  At the
       beginning of 2013 we changed our virtualisation technology to KVM.
-      This gives you the possibillity to run the operationg system of
+      This gives you the possibility to run the operating system of
       your choice.  You can easily setup your vServer with just a few
       clicks by using our prepared FreeBSD image.
@@ -810,7 +810,7 @@
       deliver powerful FreeBSD dedicated servers and custom-built
       servers to meet your requirements.  On the network side, all
       our servers include full 100Mbps / 1Gbps connections to the
-      Internet.  For more informations, please check our
+      Internet.  For more information, please check our
       <a href="">website</a>, or call us at
       +31 527 688768.
@@ -1161,7 +1161,7 @@
       FreeBSD 9.0.  Rokabear has focused their services towards
       knowledgeable users who know what they want, and know how to run
       their systems their way.  With a KVM VPS you are allowed to
-      install FreeBSD excactly as you want it.  Right from the
+      install FreeBSD exactly as you want it.  Right from the
       beginning everything is under your control.  A secure VNC based
       console allows you to have full access! knows how
       to take your experience to the next level.  Rokabear values its
@@ -1347,4 +1347,55 @@
       how to setup various services on your VPS.
+  <entry id="easyname">
+    <name>EasyName</name>
+    <url></url>
+    <description>
+ and our sister company are managing
+      FreeBSD Servers for KURIER, one of the largest newspapers in
+      Europe.  We offer managed servers of all varieties and operating
+      systems, real time domain name registration services, and shared
+      web hosting services.
+    </description>
+  </entry>
+  <entry id="arpnetworks">
+    <name>ARP Networks</name>
+    <url></url>
+    <description>
+      We are a data center services provider offering VPS, dedicated
+      servers, private cloud, colocation, and IP transit.  FreeBSD has
+      been supported on all our offerings since 2008, as well as
+      OpenBSD.
+    </description>
+  </entry>
+  <entry id="delimiter">
+    <name>Delimiter</name>
+    <url></url>
+    <description>
+      Delimiter provides unmanaged, affordable dedicated servers, and
+      cloud hosting from our US based data centers. Our
+      unmanaged service includes a wide range of self-serve tools
+      including automated OS installations and dedicated KVM
+      functionality.  We also offer cheap bare metal dedicated
+      servers.  Our support technicians have 5+ years of Unix,
+      BSD, and Linux sysadmin experience.
+    </description>
+  </entry>
+  <entry id="centrixtechgroup">
+    <name>Centrix Technology Group Inc.</name>
+    <url></url>
+    <description>
+      Centrix Technology Group provides support for FreeBSD, NetBSD,
+      and OpenBSD.  Our forte is server management and remote SSH
+      administration.  We offer specialized support for BIND 8 and 9
+      DNS, Apache PHP, and MySQL Database Servers (FAMP).  Providing
+      support on a global scale from our facility located in
+      Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Onsite service available
+      throughout North America and Asia.
+    </description>
+  </entry>

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