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+  <project cat="proj">
+     <title>The nosh Project</title>
+     <contact>
+       <person>
+	 <name>
+	  <given>Jonathan</given>
+	  <common>de Boyne Pollard</common>
+	 </name>
+	 <email>J.deBoynePollard-newsgroups at NTLWorld.COM</email>
+       </person>
+     </contact>
+     <links>
+       <url href="">Introduction</url>
+       <url href="">&os; binary packages</url>
+       <url href="">Installation How-To</url>
+       <url href="">Roadmap</url>
+       <url href="">Commands</url>
+       <url href="">A Slightly Outdated User Guide</url>
+       <url href="">The Supervision Mailing List</url>
+      </links>
+     <body>
+      <p>The nosh project is a suite of system-level utilities for
+	initializing, running, and shutting down BSD systems, and for
+	managing daemons, terminals, and logging.  It supersedes BSD
+	<tt>init</tt> and the NetBSD <tt>rc.d</tt> system, drawing
+	inspiration from Solaris SMF for named milestones,
+	daemontools-encore for service control/status mechanisms,
+	UCSPI, and IBM AIX for separated service and system
+	management.  It comprises a range of compatibility mechanisms,
+	including shims for familiar commands from other systems, and
+	an automatic import mechanism that takes existing
+	configuration data from <tt>/etc/fstab</tt>,
+	<tt>/etc/rc.conf{,.local}</tt>, <tt>/etc/ttys</tt>, and
+	elsewhere, applying them to its native service definitions and
+	creating additional native services.  It is portable
+	(including to Linux) and composable, it provides a migration
+	path from the world of systemd Linux, and it does not require new
+	kernel APIs.  It provides clean service environments,
+	orderings and dependencies between services, parallelized
+	startup and shutdown (including <tt>fsck</tt>), strictly
+	size-capped and autorotated logging, the service manager as a
+	"subreaper", and uses <tt>kevent(2)</tt> for
+	event-driven parallelism.</p>
+      <p>Since the last status report, in October 2015, the project
+	has seen: the complete replacement of its event-handling subsystem
+	on Linux; the introduction of tools for exporting cyclog/multilog
+	logs via RFC 5426 to remote log handlers (such as logstash); and
+	the switching of the user-mode virtual terminal subsystem on BSD
+	to using USB devices directly, a more powerful device interface
+	than sysmouse et al. because it permits directly positioning touch
+	devices for mice and other things (thus permitting "mouse
+	integration" under VirtualBox for those who run PC-BSD/&os;
+	on VirtualBox virtual machines), but sysmouse et al. can still be
+	used if desired.</p>
+      <p>In version 1.24, released shortly before publication of
+	this report, there are extensive additions for supporting a
+	purely-ZFS system with an empty <tt>/etc/fstab</tt> (as the PC-BSD
+	10.2 system installer creates), and the ability to convert
+	<tt>systemd</tt> unit files' process priority settings to BSD's
+	rtprio/idprio.  </p>
+      <p>Version 1.24 also sees a large chunk taken out of the
+	remainder of the on-going project to create enough native service
+	bundles and ancillary utilities to entirely supplant the rc.d
+	system.  The progress of this project has been open from the
+	start, and can be followed on the nosh roadmap web page.  As of
+	version 1.24, there are a mere 27 items remaining out of the
+	original target list of 157, with a 28th and a 29th (from PC-BSD
+	10.2) added.  Items crossed off by version 1.24 include (amongst
+	others) <tt>mfs</tt> support for <tt>/tmp</tt>, static ARP and
+	networking, persistent "entropy" for the randomness
+	subsystem, <tt>pefs</tt>, and <tt>hald</tt>.</p>
+      <p>The remaining items in the task list are mostly aimed at
+	making the overall system integration cleaner and friendlier to
+	modern systems.  We're also interested in receiving suggestions,
+	bug reports, and other feedback from users; try following the
+	how-to guide and see how things go!</p>
+     </body>
+     <help>
+      <task>
+	<p>Add kernel support for passing a <tt>-b</tt> option to
+	  pid 1, and support for a <tt>boot_bare</tt> variable in the loader,
+	  to allow "emergency" (where even no shell dotfiles
+	  are loaded) and "rescue" mode bootstraps, akin to
+	  Linux.  (History: The <tt>-b</tt> mechanism and idea date
+	  back to version 2.57d of Miquel van Smoorenburg's System 5
+	  init clone, dated 1995-12-03, and was already known as
+	  "emergency boot" by 1997.)</p>
+      </task>
+      <task>
+	<p>Add support to &os;'s <tt>fsck(8)</tt> for outputting
+	  machine-readable progress reports to a designated file
+	  descriptor, so that <tt>nosh</tt> can provide progress bars
+	  for multiple <tt>fsck</tt>s running in parallel.
+	  <tt>nosh</tt> already provides this functionality on Linux,
+	  where <tt>fsck(8)</tt> does provide machine-readable
+	  output.</p>
+      </task>
+      <task>
+	<p>Identify when the configuration import system needs to be
+	  triggered, such as when <tt>bsdconfig</tt> alters
+	  configuration files, and create the necessary hooks to
+	  import external configuration changes into nosh.</p>
+      </task>
+     </help>
+  </project>

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